Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Missing You Missing Me

That title is a knock off from a country song (by Shenendoah) with a verse,

"Well there ain't no place that I'd rather be, next to you sittin' next to me."

That's true too.

Jessica, to answer your question, I think we're both going to miss each other A LOT when we're living a "normal" life in a home that doesn't move and we don't have to put our coats on to go to the bathroom (anybody catch the movie reference?). I know this because when we're home in Bend for just a couple of days each month and we're both out running separate errands, even of it's for just a few hours, when we come home or meet back up, this is what happens;

"Hi! How are you?! I missed you!"

"What have you been up to? What's new? Did anything happen?"

"Let's go for a walk together."

I kid you not. We are blessed with a great relationship, great communication, and we genuinely love spending time together (in a completely healthy, non-enmeshed bad-attachment sort of way).


So, time will tell how it will be when we're living in Bismarck. We both feel it will probably take a week or two to adjust, not only to our surroundings, but also to not seeing each other as often. Ben will be working 12 hour days while I'll *hopefully* just have 40/week. Weekends will be our "catch-up" time aside from a few hours in the evenings.

It will definitely be a transition!

And I think that there is actually a song called "Missing You Missing Me" by Don Williams. It may or may not be the real inspiration for the title, but I don't know the melody for it. Shenendoah's song is an "oldie" favorite played on Prime Country that I know quite well!

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