Friday, January 20, 2012

Candid Questions?

We are less than two weeks out from turning in the keys, and so, dear readers, do you have any candid questions about life on the road that we haven't yet touched upon? Is there something you'd like to know about the transportation industry, our driving habits, favorite places to go, etc?

Let us know and we'll blog about it in the next two weeks!

Look forward to a post in the next day or two (once we get a good wifi signal and some downtime) about the process of chaining up for winter weather--we just had to perform this task yesterday to legally drive up a long grade near Pendleton, OR.


Anonymous said...

No questions - just a suggestion: make a PDF of your blog... so you have a journal of your experiences to refer back to.

Love you guys!


Jessica said...

I have a comment/question - you guys have spent SO MUCH time together, in the truck - how much are you going to miss this time together, once off the road?