Friday, May 27, 2011

Top Five Truckstops

We're presently on our way to the Chicago area, and with a little time to spare, we stopped at the TA truckstop in Morris, IL on I-80 at exit 112. We've stopped here before to enjoy the restaurant's delicious baked goods, but decided on a meal this time.

This led to a discussion of what our top five truckstop places to visit are throughout the country:

5. Little America, WY: We've not yet frequented their sit-down restaurant, but what's not to love about ginormous 50 cent soft-serve ice cream cones, crown molding in the bathrooms, marble floors and bathtubs in addition to showers for the passing-through trucker? I-80 exit 68 usually gets us to stop!

4. Pollard Flat USA: this hole in the wall truckstop in northern CA (I-5 exit 712) has few amenities but some of the best food on the road. It used to be "the place to stop" back in the day but has since become rundown. Ben's trainer introduced him to it almost 2 years ago now, and we love to stop when we get a chance.

3. Jubitz, Portland, OR: this truck plaza features a great restaurant, hotel, movie theater, chiropractor, hair salon, convenience store, post office, and probably several other amenities we're not even aware of! Their food is delicious!

2. Morris TA and R Place Restaurant, Morris, IL: this is the aforementioned truckstop that started the whole conversation. Just take a look at my salad!

Their puff-pastry "pillows" filled with sweet cream, strawberries and 8000 calories are divine, as are their turtle brownies. The atmosphere inside the restaurant is great, an they even have a "truckers only" side that CDL holders can be seated in, which offers faster service so the driver can enjoy a good meal and get back on the road.

1. 7 Feathers/Creekside, Canyonville: this truckstop/RV park/restaurant/casino/hotel is operated by the Umpqua Indian Tribe in Oregon (I-5 exit 99). The menu features northwest cuisine with local fresh ingredients that changes with each season. There are walking paths around the RV park, free wifi, a shuttle bringing you from the truckstop to the casino across the way, and it's all open 24/7. When we were on the I-5 dedicated route, we stopped in once a week, never disappointed with any food choice!

Headed to: Denver, then Daytona Beach!
Miles this week: 5100

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