Friday, May 20, 2011

Just because people follow you doesn't mean you're headed the right direction...

One could consider the above title true on multiple levels, be it politics, religion, or in my case, taking a detour.

Early this morning, I had just crossed the Kentucky border from Tennessee, heading north on I-75. At exit 11 in Williamsburg, all traffic was diverted to the ramp by state troopers, but no alternative route was given. There had been an accident, bad enough to shut down the interstate. I began following some other folks who had also been directed off the main drag, quickly trying to find an alternate route between our GPS Jack and our sat-com (we call her Joan). I decided on KY 204, as it paralleled I-75 from what I could surmise from both devices.

This proved to be an interesting adventure, one I hope not to have again anytime soon. In my hasty decision, about 6 cars decided to follow for what turned out to be a 30 minute detour on a curvy, hilly, backwoods road that no truck should venture on. When I made the first selective turn, I told myself, "You're making this decision and you better be ready, because there's no turning back." I also offered up a prayer asking for guidance and St. Anthony's intercession so I would not become lost.

Let me tell you, those 6 sets of cars that seemingly chose to follow the trucker "cause they'd know where to go", were troopers, patiently driving behind my 25-30mph pace on that backroad.

However, at the junction of a US highway, I had to make the decision to turn left or right. Both ways would lead me back to 75, but the question became, "Should I take the shorter route and get back on the interstate just north of Williamsburg, only to not have yet passed the accident and have to still find another route? Or, should I continue my detour further to hopefully get far enough ahead of the hold-up?"

Opting for the latter, only one car of the six decided to stick it out with me. The others either continued on 204 or turned right. Thankfully this US highway was much wider, smoother and easier to navigate through than the state road!

I finally made it to I-75, realizing I did in fact make the best choice. Deducing from the nonexistent traffic coming from the south, had I not turned left when everyone else turned right, I would have gotten all caught up in the delay. The lone car that followed me gave a friendly wave of thanks as he passed by on the interstate.

Crisis of finding oneself lost: averted, oxymoronic as that may be!


Present location: Kenosha, WI
Headed to: Denver, CO
Recent friendly encounters: a night spent with the MI Martineks (John, Melissa, Ben, Maddie and Amelia), and supper with Joe, Andy and Tex in Richmond, IN

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