Thursday, April 21, 2011

Command Central

Here is the view from the driver's seat in our rig (no, we do not drive with the hood up...Ben is changing our wiper blades):

From the left, we have all of our gauges (water temp, oil pressure, rpm, speedometer, air tank pressure, fuel gauge and DEF meter) as well as the steering column.

The small silver thing behind about the 1:00 slice of the wheel is our XM device.

To the upper right of XM is Jack, our Garmin Nuvi 465T GPS.

To the right of Jack is our "rearview mirror", a camera screen displaying images of roadway traffic from cameras mounted on the sides of the truck.

Below the "rearview mirror" is our radio/CD player, for which we have audio cables going to the XM, our Walkman, and iPhone for playing various audio.

Below the radio are many other fun switches, including the engine brake, DPF regeneration switch, mirror heat, dome light and utility lamp, as well as the parking brake knobs for both the tractor and trailer.

Immediately to the right of the radio is the true command central, our satellite communication device that connects us to dispatch and the main headquarters of our company. This is where we receive load information, directions and any other messages from our fleet manager or breakdown departments. There are also training videos, a GPS, calculator and calendar.

Now you know what the view is like behind the wheel in our big rig!

A blessed Triduum to you all!

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