Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Sluggish Blogger...

Hello readers: I have not forgotten the blog! I've just not been in any place with free wifi long enough to write a post! We cancelled the "tethering" feature of my Blackberry to the laptop, and my thumbs are just not up for posting on a 3" screen. I've got a few minutes here at a rest area in Texas, so what you have to look forward to in the next blog posts (once we make it to our hometime in Bend) include:

1. two more debts (equaling about $6500) have been paid down
2. the truck-stop shower experience
3. how we get paid for our loads
4. the unassuming wild animal spectacle at another Texas rest stop

I look forward to posting all of these as well as some pictures of our recent adventures...til then, keep our safety in travel in your prayers!

God bless,

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Jacob said...

It's nice to hear from u guys. I havent read your blog in like 2 months. Embrace ur time in Texas and stay safe out there on the open road.