Friday, February 19, 2010

Record Highs and Lows

Ben and I like to keep a little friendly competition going while we're in this career field, and it boils down to two things:

1) What is the highest number of miles one can drive in a single 11-hour shift? (the shift is broken up with periodic short breaks; to drive 11 hours straight is close to insanity)

2) What is the coldest temperature one has had to drive through? (this is obviously up to chance and Mother Nature)

Presently, I hold the record for both, for now. I drove 697.5 in one shift, and in another shift I drove through -31 degree temperatures in northwestern Minnesota. That's not windchill, people, that's air temp. A few hundred miles later in that shift we fueled up in -15 degree temps in Wisconsin and I mistakenly opened up the truck door from the outside with an un-gloved hand. Immediately, I flashed back to that scene in A Christmas Story with the poor lad's tongue stuck to the flag pole. Thankfully my hands were not wet, but I felt the freezer-burn effect on my fingers. BRRRR!!

Do any of you readers out there have suggestions for other friendly competiton Ben and I could engage in while out on the road? We're open for suggestions!

We're headed south from Salina, KS to Oklahoma City, OK to move into a BRAND NEW TRUCK! Very excited about this! If I can ever figure out how to post pictures from my phone, I'll make an attempt (suggestions, BB users?).

God bless you!

deb & Ben

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