Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Is Eeyore the one who didn't pay taxes?

Seems a strange question, hmm? It was asked to me by Ben during a sleepwalking episode earlier today. I hear the velcro of the sleeper curtain tear apart and then his question.

My response is clearly, "What on earth are you talking about?"
Ben replies, "I'll explain it later."
"Are you sleepwalking, hon?"

Right. Forty-five minutes later when he is awake I question him about Eeyore and his expression is puzzled. "Who's Eeyore?"

This is not the first time he's dreamt aloud or had a sleepwalking episode, but I will say the times are fewer and farther between now that we're trucking. One of my personal favorite non-trucking episodes occurred at our friends, the Bitlers, house, in which Ben set off the security alarm because "there was a horse in the garage and I had to let it out". There are countless others, and I'll be sure to share the trucking ones every now and again.

Back in August, when we first started driving together as a team, we had a load going west to Sacramento on I-80. I was driving the night shift and because of road construction on the stretch between Reno and Sacramento, all 18-wheelers had to take a slow, windy detour through the backroads in the hills. Just as I was a few miles from getting back on the interstate, I hear a frantic scream from the back and Ben saying, "DEB! STOP!" I should have known he was sleepwalking/talking, but it sppoked me so much that I pulled over as soon as I could. Turns out he dreamt that I was driving and didn't realize he wasn't in the truck so he grabbed on near the rear tires to stay with me. He hollared at me to slow down so he could get in the truck; and he awoke with his hands clinging to the sheets and blankets on the bed.

Usually when sleepwalking happens, it isn't that drastic of an episode; it's usually a funny phrase here or cute action there. He's told me that I should play with him next time and try to carry on a conversation. Once we were both sleeping and he asked, "Deb, is the snake going to bite me?" I groggily replied no, then thought a better response to be, "the snake isn't, but the tarantula in your hand is."

Maybe next time.

It certainly keeps me on my toes and provides great comic relief when things can get stressful.

We're in Louisville, KY relaying a load up to Youngstown, OH tomorrow morning. It's likely we'll head back out west from there!

Have a great week, and God bless you!


PS: Happy Feast of St. Polycarp! Check out his martyrdom!

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