Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Things We Miss...

...about trucking. Ben and I spent a good deal of time last night reminiscing. Here's a short list, in no particular order, of what we miss the most from our life on the road:
  • fresh authentic Mexican food (especially in Laredo and Albuquerque)
  • having the entire country in our back pocket at any given time
  • breathtaking vistas
  • going to sleep in the likes of Iowa and waking up in the likes of Wyoming
  • visiting with family and friends on a somewhat regular basis
  • El Gallo Giro, Pollard Flat, Seven Feathers, R's Place, Jubitz
  • the paychecks
  • driving through New England in the fall
  • Boise
  • the cute little Thai restaurant in Kent, WA that we frequented no less than 6 times (totally worth the 2 mile walk!)
  • Colin Cowherd, Dave Ramsey, Lino Rulli
  • coming home to Bend for a few days each month of R&R
  • regular episodes of Ben sleepwalking...that never gets old!
 We wouldn't trade what we have now, but there are certainly times when we miss what we had then. We are so grateful for the experience.

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