Saturday, November 6, 2010

Only One More Left!

We are so excited--we just paid down our second last credit card and now only have one more credit card left before we start on our student loans! This card had the final balance of the farmhouse renovation costs; Tani had paid us in full (monthly reimbursement installments) over the course of a year once we finished the work, but as we had a time period of no income for a while, and very little once we started trucking, we used that small monthly amount to live on. In the past 6 weeks though, we've paid the card off entirely!

Yesterday we started calling up those accounts we've paid in full to close them (and redeem our "rewards" points for restaurant gift cards). They didn't understand why we'd want to close them! *gasp* "But--what if you have an emergency?!" Our response: "Well, ma'am, that's what our emergency fund is for. We are not going in to any more debt!"

Hopefully by Christmastime we'll have the last credit card paid off; the second installment of our sign-on bonus and possible recruiting bonuses should help a lot with that!


Aimee Kapie said...

Congratulations Deb!!!!
One question: how do you get that little bar down at the bottom with the boxes for cool, funny & interesting?

Ben and Deb said...

Thanks, Aimee! And to be honest, I don't know the answer to your question. One time I signed in and it was a pop-up as an option to try out, which I did. Tonight, I searched dashboard trying to find how to dis/able it, but to no avail. Good luck searching! And--enjoy Newman for all it has to offer!!!