Sunday, July 18, 2010

Independence Day

Okay, I know it's been two weeks since the 4th of July, but life has kept us a little busy! We had a fabulous home-time over the holiday weekend, complete with watching fireworks shot off of Pilot Butte. Add to that a few nights out with friends, a killer hike (which included drinking fresh spring water and wading through a river, knee-deep), and you've got one great weekend!

The 4th of July/Independence Day are coming to have a bit more meaning to Ben and I though: last year, we left Bend on July 4 to start our training with our old company in the Los Angeles area. One year later, we have moved up and on to our new company and are growing closer to our goal of being debt-free every day. According to our calculations, we will need to drive truck just two more years--until July 4, 2012--to complete paying off our debt and to save a small nest egg. It is a terribly exciting feeling knowing that in just those two short years, we will be financially free! Independent of owing anyone money (except for rent, utilities, the basics)! Continuing to listen to the Dave Ramsey Show three hours a day has been motivating, and we look forward to being the happy couple calling in to say "We're debt-free!"

Present location: Olive Branch, MS (at the terminal, taking advantage of free wifi, and free laundry)--we will be heading to Columbus, OH from here, then to Atlanta, GA
Miles this week: 5100

Have a beautiful Sunday, everyone!

God bless,

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